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This Site. Welcome to the Estate Planning Enchiridion of The Rushforth Firm, Ltd., a Las Vegas, Nevada law firm. An "enchiridion" (pronounced "ĕn-kī-rĭd-ē-ŭn" or "ɛn kaɪˈɹɪdɪən") is a manual or handbook, and this site is the Firm's online manual or handbook for estate planning and related topics. It contains general, educational information related to estate planning, estate and trust administration, and business planning, with a focus on Nevada law. It is intended to be educational and informative, as well as to encourage you to seek competent legal advice as to your own planning.

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Our "Firm Brochure" Site. The Rushforth Firm's practice is focused on estate planning (including wills and trusts), business formation (including various forms of limited-liability companies, corporations, and partnerships), and trust and estate administration (including probate, trust administration, and disputes involving wills, estates, and trusts). The "firm brochure" web site is rushforthfirm.com, and it gives information relating to the firm, its personnel, contact information, billing policies and payments, and office location.

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April 12, 2017

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